piątek, grudnia 03, 2010


Trudno utrwalić bielszy odcień bieli... Troszkę w PS podciągnęłam, przyznaję... :-$
Połów 1.12.2010

5 komentarzy:

  1. Wow! that is so cool... I wish snow would come to my town already, then I would be able to take such beautiful pictures of the snow like you.


  2. Thank you :) Snow and frost are all over my town, and I wish I have enough time to make pictures :)

  3. I never see snow... By photos it looks like so wonderful !
    I'm in a tropical land... rs. I am from Brazil and visited your blog. I Have a musical blog, and I would like your visit. We would be virtual friends... Regards, Claudia. www.temperomusical.blogspot.com

  4. Impression of falling snow is unforgettable, and when it's sparkling in the sun... But, for real, snow is cold and wet. After all - it's frozen water ;)